The death of a dream and an end of an era - Half-Life 3 may be no more

This is the way the world of Half-Life ends.

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PhoenixUp421d ago

When was the last time Valve even released a worthwhile game period?

-Foxtrot421d ago

True...but that's the issue with Valve these days, they have become arrogant ass hats who's success has went to their heads. We supported them and now we're treat like shit.

Pandamobile421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

I don't think arrogant is the right word. Principled and disorganized is basically what sums up Valve these days. Their hardware and development teams have done some truly exceptional work in the past decade with
with Steam, L4D, Portal and Dota 2. Their Source Filmmaker software for TF2 played a significant role in developing my animation hobby into a career in the game and film industries. And then there's the Steam Link, SteamBox/OS, Controller and Vive. These aren't things that their core fanbase are really asking for, but I use them every day and I'm certainly glad they exist.

From Valve's perspective, they basically backed themselves into a hole with the Half-Life series. They could shit out a game and call it Half-Life (episode) 3, but anything less than the utter pinnacle of perfection and innovation would inevitably be met with resounding disappoint. I think Valve's design and organizational philosophy kinda breaks down when it reaches the scale of a modern AAA game production, and rather than changing their internal culture to match the rest of the industry, they've just kind of quietly abandoned certain from their past in favour of doing things they're really good at: creating engaging multiplayer games,solving problems and creating value in the PC space.

As a Valve game fan, obviously I'm disappointed with how they've handled their main single player property, but they've done a lot more for this industry than most people seem to give them credit for.

-Foxtrot421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

"These aren't things that their core fanbase are really asking for, but I use them every day and I'm certainly glad they exist"

Well that's nice and all but they have so much money so they could have easily hired more people for those things while the main teams work are giving gamers what we really want. I say arrogant above because it feels like sometimes they come across like they know what we want more then ourselves. They got big headed with the L4D2 thing aswell, that's still unforgiving in my opinion...I bought the first game based on what they said the future plans were for it and in the end they announced a sequel and killed it off. Why? Well it seemed it's because they wanted it to be a Valve thing not to support a Turtle Rocks game longterm.

I guess they have done things for the industry but they've forgotten about the people who at the very beginning supported them and got them where they are today. No one is screaming for a AAA game every year or so but since the last major game from them was Portal in 2011 I think we are well overdue for something new other then Dota 2, TF2 updates or something heavily multiplayer related. Like I've said it's nice these other things have helped you as a person but as a gamer I just want Half Life 3, L4D3, Portal 3, Team Fortress 3, a new single player IP...even if they helped the Black Mesa remake and brought it to consoles/steam officially it would be something.

-Gespenst-421d ago

People really need to go and read Marc Laidlaw's tweets about this for themselves rather than forming their opinions based on doom and gloom articles like this. It's obvious that what he wrote was just one potential story outline for Episode 3 from the past. It's not a "leak" of Episode 3's story, it's just a bunch of ideas he had for it that obviously didn't end up getting used.

As for Half Life 3 being "no more", the Valve News Network interviewed Gabe and some of other Valve guys earlier in the year, and in that interview Gabe confirmed that Valve are working on three fully-fledged VR games. In an AMA with Gabe even earlier in the year, he was asked the questions "Any chance of a new IP that takes place in the half-life/portal universe?", and "Is Valve still working on any fully-fledged single player games?", and he said yes to both.

Valve aren't done making games - why would they be? If people have a lot of money, they still do things that they like doing and which are fun to do. It's not like the only reason people do anything is money. The promise of fun makes people want to do things too - gamers should know this. It isn't the promise of money that made anyone run and play Half Life 2. The promise of fun is a powerful motivator, and making games - being creative in general - is really fun. The likely reality is that Valve are working on really ambitious games because they can. They have unlimited money (from Steam, Dota 2, CS:GO, and TF2) and no fiduciary responsibilities, which means commercial performance doesn't matter at all - they can make what they want to make, and they can ignore the demands of the market. We haven't seen a game from them in a while because, I'll bet, they've been working on some seriously big projects.

Cyro421d ago

Well said.

Half-Life 1 was revolutionary when it released and Valve did it again with Half-Life 2. It doesn't come off as much of a surprise that they would want to do it a third time. When the time is right, I'm sure we will see another Half-life game.

SolidGear3421d ago

This definitely gives me hope :3

Yohshida421d ago

What really baffles my mind is that no news on this site broke about that. The story for Half Life 3 released and while it is the hottest topic on every other gaming forum, noone talks about it here.

81BX421d ago

Hahahaha, half life 3. Never played the series but my brother in law cries about it all the time. Hoping for its release....