Minecraft Xbox One Beta Preview: Better Together | Gamerheadquarters

Minecraft on Xbox One has finally received the first taste of the Better Together Update on preview which adds the Bedrock version of the game. Eventually this will be the standard version featuring full cross-play.

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MoltenMetalLove474d ago

Looking forward to this, I have been a minecraft fan for years.

skycaptin5474d ago

It's everything you've been waiting for! Just some crashing issues and a couple more features for them to add then this is good to go

Lighter9474d ago

I'm so glad that Minecraft is finally going to be in 4k. I'm so used to seeing 2 pixels. I can finally see all 8 pixels! Woo!

ElementX474d ago

I recently started playing on Win 10. I am a fan of the BDCraft graphics mod. I've been using it for years in the Java version of MC. I was even willing to buy a few points to purchase the Win 10 version to support the developer.