GameTrailers: Halo Wars World Exclusive Field Trip to Harvest Trailer

GameTrailers writes: "Reinforce Alpha Base! Get a first look at the story behind Halo Wars."

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Lord Anubis3792d ago

nice video but what is hale doing there?

NO_PUDding3791d ago

Ironically it's Nathan Drakes voice too.

Omega43792d ago

That was one of the best trailers i've seen in a long time, that music was of unrivaled epic proportions

They could easy make a movie from this game alone


Im starting to get hyped for this game already!

Agent VX3791d ago

I'm sorry, RTS games belong on the PC, not a console. Hopefully they port this to a PC, then I might pick it up. Though, I am finding that made for console RTS games to be lackluster in every department, and most likely will skip on this title.

PirateThom3791d ago


I like the Halo universe, so would play this, but I cannot play RTS games on a console. It's one genre they still haven't been able to take from PC and make work.

TheXgamerLive3791d ago

Like welcoming home an old friend.

I can't wait. Gonna pre-order today

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The story is too old to be commented.