UK development community talks PS3 launch

"For early adopters, it'll be all about the games"
Following the finalisation of the PS3's European launch details, those members of the UK development community who haven't been gagged by non-disclosure agreement's have offered their thoughts on Sony's new console.
While the initial delay of the system in Europe came as a blow to those expecting a worldwide release, Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson believes the five month gap between US and Euro launches will benefit consumers...

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DJ5218d ago

how Sony handles the European launch. This comment said a lot about future PS3 titles ->

"Most first generation games will have developers just getting things running well enough to satisfy Sony. In my opinion its the second wave of PS3 games that will begin to tap into its power," he added.

"Brown revealed that rumours that the Cell architecture would lead to programming difficulties were unfounded."

Maddens Raiders5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

....One would think that this statement is almost an understatment or even a given, but not judging by the reaction of most of the PS3 haters and blind zealots out there. No matter how much blood, sweat and tears a dev (Insomniac, Evolution, Kush, Namco) puts into a launch title it will still get eaten alive by the mass public for any little flaw or flaws. Not that flaws are wanted or necessary, but some of the testers and countless rounds of debugging did not go so good for some of the PS3's early titles. And some of them downright need their arses kicked for even offering such half-baked garbage to us. Unacceptable. However, games like Resistance, RR7, and Motorstorm CLEARLY have given many a PS3 owner lots of solace in waiting for the next iterations of respective games in 2007, 2008, & 9. In RFOM, PS3 owners got a very good game worth replaying a million times from day one with kick ass graphics, and non-stop 40 player chaos, whereas 360 owners had to wait quite a while before they got that first real taste of "eye-candy" in one title -- and a real feel of "nex-gen-ness" with a lil help from the boys at Epic for their systems in GOW.

This is very very telling for whats in store for PlayStation fans worldwide at the end of 2007 & into '08. Can you say KILLZONE II? MGS4GOTP? and DMC4 -- WOW (not to mention the early entries of Heavenly Sword, Lair, and Motorstorm). I know 360 will have some good comp. to counter with and a lot to learn from GOW, but I think Kojima and Guerilla are going to give PS3 owners titles to die for, imo. All in all the EU delay was a blessing in disguise for SNE. It prolly should've been delayed in JP and USA too, but I think the EU delay in hindsight, was the way to go. Lay your chips out in a couple of key territories, then see what things are going wrong, address those concerns, and attempt to vastly improve on them in your third and ultimate release territory. Not only have they managed to spiff up the lineup and gameplay of the launch titles, but the Europeans will have the latest FW and great alottment of PS3's waiting to be had instead of getting shot in the parking lot. Good job SNE.

Hey, Cellius. Where's Ace Combat 6!?!?

calderra5217d ago

I think there's a big problem in the logic here through. Yes, it's going to be a quality launch when it hits (hopefully, depending on actual shipment numbers, etc)...

But it's also going to be almost exactly one full year after Sony initially promised it. And with that full year, the system really has nothing to show for it. Very expensive, few killer titles, fewer big exclusives, no games showing superiority over competitors in either graphics (360) or innovation (Wii), and the online service is a crap experience compared to Live (although it is free on the flipside).

Lots of people will be glad they finally get a solid launch this year... but what took so long? Eh, I'm a pessimist though. I'm sure there are others for whom the glass if half-full.

Raiyel5218d ago

very eloquently put, friend.

r10005217d ago

Good post... I don't mind people preferring one system over the other...

And your opinion is a good one...

What I mind is blind fanaticism and insanely dumb post that make up 80% of the posters here.

After all they are all just opinions, but there are about 4-5 people here that I can name that should a do better job of presenting their opinions

Optimus Prime5217d ago

actually a good post. i respect your opinion, and it is a good one. i know that you guys will love the games coming out on your systme, and the games coming out on the 360 will be fun also. all about the gaming aspect. should be a good next few years in the gaming industry.