PSX Extreme Editorial: Do Elitist Gamers Have Fun?

PSX Extreme writes: "I've been wondering. Do the elitist gamers get any entertainment from video games, or do they just spend their lives trying to prove to everyone else they're superior?

Any fan of gaming is well aware of the fanboys, but that's just ignorance for the sake of Internet posturing. But on the exact opposite end of the spectrum are the elitists, and to be perfectly honest, I think they could use a little ignorance. Aristotle outlined the concept of virtue vs. vice, where the vices were on either side of the virtue, which occupied the exact middle. In other words, while courage is a virtue, rashness and cowardice are its vices. Using this formula, fanboys and elitists are the vices while only the true gamers sit firmly in the middle. And I'm sure I've voiced my displeasure with the fanboys, who continue to infect every corner of the Internet, but now it's time to address the elitists. These people are starting to wear on me."

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