Bungie Shows All The New Types of Open World PvE We'll Find in This 4K Destiny 2 Gameplay

Destiny 2's open world PvE content has been officially showcased for the first time in this 4K gameplay video of the European Dead Zone.

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irishyort476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

Im annoyed that the article promotes that the game is pretty much exactly the same as D1. Im sorry but as a major fan of D1, the gun loadout changes (Primary, Special, Heavy to Primary, Primary variation, Anything else) are dramatically different. The game because of this also feels very different to play and has done since they have released both Betas. Sure it's still Destiny, again they have listened to players and changed grenade and super generation (They keep listening which is sometimes a good thing but generally in favour of the PvP people ie the Minority) but it's not the same considering it is a FPS MMO STYLE GUN GAME, and they have CHANGED THE GUNS ON US.
Still getting it though :)