LOTR:Fellowship of the Rings announced for Blu Ray

The much anticipated LOTR: Fellowship of the Rings has been announced for Blu Ray. It is slated to hit stores in 2009.

via digitalbits

"Here's some news that's going to thrill a whole bunch of you Blu-bies. Warner has revealed, in a promotional insert packed with the new Poltergeist Blu-ray Disc, that it's currently working on a Blu-ray version of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring! No s--t! Not ONLY that, but the same insert lists The Wizard of Oz, Being There, Gone with the Wind, King Kong, Woodstock, Rush Hour, The Notebook and Amadeus all as coming soon to Blu-ray! How do you like THEM apples?

What's more, our industry sources tell us that ALL THREE Lord of the Rings films are planned for release in Blu in 2009, though we're not yet certain if the discs will be the theatrical editions, the extended editions or both. Still, if that isn't enough reason for some of you holdouts to run out and pick up a player this holiday season, I don't know what is. Here's a look at the actual insert (not that the image links to the official Warner Blu-ray website)... "

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zimbo0075731d ago

BLU RAY finally kills DVD with this announcement i believe

Veryangry_bot5730d ago

Idiotic xbots.

There is only one HD format and its called Blu Ray. It doesnt matter what you say or think. Blu Ray will be here for the next era and it will be UNCHALLENGED.

The only challenger died a pathetic death in January 2008. And its add on players were sold for 10 bucks a piece by MS after that. They were getting rid of pathetic stock.

Have fun watching those Planet Earth discs. Those are the only worthwhile discs you can get for that format.

morganfell5730d ago

We just watched Iron Man last night. I went on opening day but gathered around the 52 inch we enjoyed it even more. We got a huge kick out of the Bluray Live features as well.

Now with LOTR coming you know this will be huge for Bluray. I can't wait to see what they have packed on for next gen owners.

Pain5730d ago (Edited 5730d ago )

Huggles :3

@mor Yup!! IRON MAN ROCKS on Blu-ray!!!

donator5731d ago

I don't buy many blu-ray movies, but I might purchase this just to see all the battles in 1080p.

dro5730d ago (Edited 5730d ago )

cool, but the movies i really want on blu ray is scareface,heat, and all the god father movies good fellas and sin city.hes i love gangsta flicks more, dont blame me thats just the type of movie i like!! :D

yog-sothot5730d ago

I agree, even if I already own the movies in DVD, I might buy them again in Blu Ray... But maybe not immediately after the release

beavis4play5730d ago

i'll be getting them if they are the extended versions. i can't believe they'd make the effort to put out blu versions and they wouldn't have the extra scenes.
during the question session i was in, PJ said the blu versions would have all the "bells and whistles". so i imagine they'll be worth buying.

lsujester5730d ago

Well, I distinctly remember being hammered with a lot of versions just on DVD, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get Blu-ray theatrical, then Blu-ray extended, then Blu-ray box set just to take everyone's frackin money.

shovelbum5730d ago

Even though I already own two versions, I am looking forward to the Blu Ray editions. I'm sure that they will be the extended ones or possibly even something new (if that is even possible).

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Gaystation 35730d ago

The funny thing is; DVD is killing Blu-ray sales!

Q: What sold more? Iron Man on DVD or Iron Man on Blu-ray.


Repeat for every single film available on both formats and the answer will be DVD everytime.

DVD wins!

MaximusPrime5730d ago

@ gay gaystation:

DVD been around longer than bluray. no doubt BR is or isnt doing well.
IT took DVD 6 years for it to be a biggest seller than VHS.
BluRay no doubt will be a biggest seller in years to come.

Use your brain next time...

VMAN_015730d ago

Damn I would buy these if I didn't own the DVD's oh well no I am waiting for Star Wars on blu ray imagine the CG goodness on Hi def.

Panthers5730d ago

This and the SW trilogy are the ones I need. We know how long it will take for SW though. It took them forever to get them on DVD

darthv725730d ago

I am like you VMAN. I got the extended versions on DVD. Blu would be cool but it is just to limiting in my viewing options. Meaning if i want to watch a movie in my bedroom or the front room or the play room or on the go I can do that now with a DVD player on each TV (and the car). I can't do that with a blu movie at the moment.

@Panther...do yourself a favor and get the original SW trilogy on Laserdisc. If you are a purist like me then you probably hated how lucas f-ed up the original trilogy with all new CGI stuff that had no purpose being in their. I have the original theatricle release on LD and it is awesome in digital sound and picture clarity. Almost as good as DVD but without the added crap of the rerelease. Just the ending of Jedi alone pisses me off about having the DVD's.

One thing though...you would need a LD player (which are pretty cheap now). I have a classic of a machine in the form of the Pioneer CLD-A100 aka the LaserActive. It is a thing of beauty as it not only plays LD movies but also Genesis CD/Cart games and Turbogrfx CD/Card games and it even plays Arcade LD games (movie mode only) like Space ace and Dragon's Lair.