GameZone: Spore Review

GameZone writes: " When Spore was announced several years ago, people were astounded by the concept. Since the initial announcement, people have been taking in every epicene of information until its final release date finally arrived. Now that all the release excitement is over people are starting to get a really good feel for this game. Players will learn two vital things, first is how expansive the game truly is, and how little gameplay depth it actually overall provides. While this is a huge negative it is truly outweighed by the positive.

Unless players have been living under a cave for the past few years, they will know that Spore is all about evolving from a single cell organism into a space faring culture. How players choose to get from one stage to the next is truly up to them. For instance, early on players can become a carnivore which eventually leads to becoming a militaristic state; if they choose to take a more peaceful route they can become an herbivore and gamers will have more peaceful or subvert actions at their disposal. It is the choices in the beginning of the game that will have lasting influence on the rest of the game, and how other civilizations will treat the players."

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