Squenix UE3 game details May-is

Square Enix expects the first details of its Unreal Engine 3 powered games to arrive late spring, after announcing today that it had signed the technology from Gears of War developer Epic Games.

"We'll probably see details of the first titles to use it around April, May," a spokesperson for the company told Eurogamer.

It's still uncertain which titles will be announced as using the engine, as the company has only been using the toolset since December.

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DeathNote15214d ago

It will be used the the 360/pc ports of the MMORPG obviously...

fjtorres5214d ago

But the Final Fantasy VII *remake* they've been teasing about for a while. Allows them to do something for 360 without annoying Sony, which does own a chunk of SE...

DC RID3R5214d ago

when was the last time you witnessed japanese signing up for U.S tech??

"Next-Gen" started when EPIC said so!!!! hehee


calderra5214d ago

White Engine? What? Huh?

nambo5214d ago

Could this mean they're working on a port of FFXIII for the 360. I've heard developers were having a hard time with the unreal engine on the PS3, and having built their own engine for the PS3 I can't see why they would buy it to develop for the PS3. FFXIII isn't coming out on the PS3 until 2008 so that'll give them plenty of time to work on the 360 version. Would be a huge blow to Sony if it were true.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5213d ago

Front Mission 6 is coming too X-box 360 in 08' bank on it. X ; ] >