Biomutant is arguably the best game announced at gamescom

IndianNoob writes: THQ Nordic officially debuted its upcoming post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable action RPG game, Biomutant, starring a raccoon-cat hybrid protagonist accompanied by his grasshopper friend. But why is it best game announcement at gamescom?

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PiNkFaIrYbOi2463d ago

What is a post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable action RPG game suppose to be?

spoonard2462d ago

I don't know, but it sounds awesome!!! lol

darthv722463d ago

It was like Horizon Zero Dawn meets Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda

ONESHOTV22462d ago

how is it like horizon zero dawn?

darthv722462d ago

The lush open environment and robotic things scattered about. Its just a quick visual reference... nothing more.

Prubar2462d ago

Looks more like enslaved odyssey to the west then horizon.

InMyOpinion2462d ago

Reminds me more of Darksiders 2 mixed with Conker...which is all one can ask for. :D

FinalFantasyFanatic2462d ago

I think Horizon Dawn is a bad comparison, it reminds me more of games like Jak and Daxter than Horizon Dawn.

darthv722462d ago

Jak & Daxter is too cartoony... Horizon is very realistic and this game has that similar realistic environmental design. I never played Enslaved but I can see how its environments and pseudo futuristic layout could be an influence as well.

I mentioned horizon because it is the most current and relevant game that this one looks to be taking queues from. And hey... why not? HZD is a brilliant game to use as a starting point. (if that is what they did)

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The 10th Rider2463d ago

Age of Empires 4, hands down. Even without gameplay, many people have been waiting AGES for that and the mere announcement is enough to steal the show.

Christopher2463d ago

Out of the about three games announced, it looks to be more my type of game but I hope they fix the quest updates that flash on the screen.