Lara Croft on Nintendo Switch is a ‘Great Idea’ Says Crystal Dynamics Rep

J Station X: Bringing Lara Croft games to the Nintendo Switch would be a 'great idea,' teases Crystal Dynamics senior brand director Rich Briggs in a Gamescom interview.

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Neonridr420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Briggs added that bringing the iconic female character to the console would be a “good idea,” also nodding in agreement. Though, Briggs told viewers that they shouldn’t look into the “conspiratorial look” that he gave the camera and insisted that he isn’t saying “anything,” before reaffirming that Lara Croft on Nintendo Switch would be a “great idea.” -- lol XD

I would love to play some of those smaller Croft titles on the Switch. Make it happen CD.

PhoenixUp420d ago

When's the last time Tomb Raider released on a Nintendo platform

Neonridr420d ago

2008 - Tomb Raider Underworld on Wii / DS

PhoenixUp420d ago

So ever since Square Enix got a hold of the franchise it's always avoided Nintendo platforms

Neonridr419d ago

yeah but Square Enix is starting to warm back up to Nintendo..

PhoenixUp419d ago

The Eidos/Square Enix Europe side certainly hasn't been doing that in recent years, just the Japanese side of Square Enix has

cha0sknightmare419d ago

Tomb Raider Definitive would make a nice addition to Switch library.

PlayableGamez-419d ago

You think tomb raider can run on the switch? Lol.

Sgt_Slaughter419d ago

Are you saying it can't? It would need slight changes but nothing major to get it running smoothly.

Prince_TFK419d ago

Tomb Raider 2013 ran perfectly in my potato laptop, so I doubt the Switch can't run it. If we are talking about Rise of the Tomb Raider, then that might be difficult to make it playable.

The 10th Rider419d ago


Rise of the Tomb Raider also launched on 360. I'm sure they could make a port that's a middle ground between the current gen version and last gen version.

Neonridr419d ago

we are talking about the first Tomb Raider. Not Rise or Shadow

The 10th Rider419d ago


Yes, but to be honest either the first game or Rise of the Tomb Raider would run fine on Switch, since both had releases on last gen. Shadow would be a different manner.

_-EDMIX-_418d ago

Why not? Switch already runs a lot of last gen games pretty fine.

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InTheZoneAC419d ago


FinalomegaS419d ago

why were the other systems tagged?

PC/ PS3/ PS4/ Xbox 360

that had NS and XB1 in the story.

InTheZoneAC419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Cel shaded tomb raider it is....