Gamescom 2017: Skyrim Is Pretty Rough on PSVR - IGN

We tried the PSVR demo for Skyrim, and it wasn't the smoothest experience.

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Xaphy2527d ago

The issue here are the move controllers. I think whoever chooses to play with the analog controller will be fine. Not everyone gets motion sickness anyway.

Leeroyw2526d ago

Im with you Xaphy. I'm surprised so many PSVR games try to shoe horn in move control schemes. The best part of VR is the headset. I loved re7 with full controller movement. Windlands is best without the move. So is any game requiring motion. I'll be getting this and playing with dual shocks for sure.

TankCrossing2526d ago

I haven't got PSVR, but based on my experience with Rift and touch I really couldn't disagree with you more. Good representation of your hands massively enhances VR.

-Foxtrot2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Bethesda struggles with Sony related consoles....what's new

"bu bu but the cell"

Nope...can't use that anymore

Christopher2526d ago

Not really the console, just the motion controls.

Lilrizky2526d ago

Bethesda struggles on everything. just probably more with PS consoles

nitus102526d ago

Well, they still have not patched the 6MB bug for Skyrim on the PS3 although the fix for that is to turn off all auto saves and save manually.

RavageX2527d ago

I think an important question would be....

Is teleportion an option or is it the only way to get around? I could have sworn I heard regular movement was available.

That is a potential deal breaker for me if it isn't.

psforward2526d ago

Article states that a standard controller can be used with regular movement.

RavageX2526d ago

More details are needed though for overall controls. I'd personally still like to use the motion controllers without teleporting, or even standard along with a motion controller for a sword, etc.

I hope they have worked this out well.

nitus102526d ago

You can play Skyrim in the first-person mode and if you have a PSVR for you PS4 try playing in cinema mode. Actually, you can use the PSVR cinema mode for the XB1 and also the Switch.

Of course with "cinema mode" you won't get the full VR experience (ie. moving your head) but it still should look pretty good.

Exvalos2521d ago

Cinema mode looks awful, the resolution takes A big hit.

Miss_Weeboo2527d ago

I bet the PSVR can't handle Skyrim... And if it can't, what's the point then, cause big games are the ones I want to experience, not just a demo

Christopher2526d ago

Suggested reading: the article itself and not just the title.

gangsta_red2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

The article does say there was a good amount of glitches, it also says more than usual for Skyrim. The author even gives an example of the sword not being in your actual hand at times, something I dont think was ever present in past iterations or new ones.

"There weren't any frame-rate issues and the game didn't look noticeably worse than it does on console, but it wasn't without glitches (and I mean, more glitches than is normal for Skyrim). Around 50% of the time my right hand, with my sword, was floating in the air several feet away from me."

generic-user-name2526d ago

@gangsta red

Those 'glitches' are all part of the motion control issue. It has to do with tracking. Many PSVR games have this issue if the camera loses track of the Move controllers for whatever reason (usually when the users own body blocks the light ball). From other people's experiences, the show room had far from ideal conditions, including the promoters walking in front of the camera while people were playing.

ocelot072526d ago

If the PSVR can't handle Skyrim then it wouldn't release on the bloody thing.

Kids always remember don't do drugs.

rainslacker2526d ago

Skyrim isn't really a graphical masterpiece....outside mods. The graphics are fine for what it is based on when it was made. This wan't about the graphics, rather the controls.

Jaqen_Hghar2526d ago

did a user play Resident Evil 7? Because that was TOO scary in PSVR even for a man

Exvalos2521d ago

The Friggin Switch Can Handle Skyrim Sir

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