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Even though many have been celebrating Jak and Daxter's return on PS4 since last April, the port of the first game has a few notable problems: unstable framerate, drooling textures, bugs and glitches of all sorts, a copy-pasted list of trophies, audio saturation and badly compressed dialogue audio... Available at fifteen euros if you didn't pre-order Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, die-hard fans normally expect a port done with a little more care than that.

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FallenAngel1984420d ago

It's not a remaster, it's just a straight port. There's a section of other games just like it on PSN.

What kind of shoddy journalist are you to not know something so basic?

Ratchetlombax420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

The "remastered" label has been misused for a while, since a lot of games labelled as "remasters" are, in fact, ports. I do agree we're talking about a port here, but I believe there's still a little bit of work involved in putting this PS2 game on PS4 (although not enough), which should qualify this game as a remaster. However, the fact that it's a port shouldn't explain the visual glitches and the retail price put too high for what it's worth.
Fixed the title though.

bouzebbal419d ago

this is medias problem nowadays. using names they have no idea what they mean just to get exposure.
J&D is a must have, but not something i would recommand to those who have the PS3 HD remaster, which is great btw.

FallenAngel1984420d ago

By that logic you'd consider every game featured on Virtual Console a remaster as well as all the PlayStation Classics on PSN.

A remaster always has a team working on it and touch up the assets while these straight ports require no such effort from developers at all. It's the exact same game that it originally was released as.

ninsigma420d ago

But it's not a remaster 🤔

nevin1419d ago

Why is the PS4 $14.99 considering the Collection is $10 on PS3/Vita?

chris235419d ago

one can check by the pricing for ps2 games in the store if it's a remaster or remake or a very very low to no effort. cashing in on these unaltered titles is THE audacity this gen. but i guess more that a few people are buying these titles blindly, so we get more and more of these no efforts. no effort = no money. this should be the normal reaction.