Helly von Valentine just made a super sexy cosplay of 2B from Nier: Automata

I (Robin Ek, TGG) just had the great pleasure to discover a really talented cosplayer named Helly von Valentine, and good thing that. Because she just created a really sexy cosplay of 2B from "NieR, Automata". So, here's my article on the matter ;)

NapalmSanctuary2469d ago

Good job on exhibiting the proper angles :P

Littil_Devil2469d ago

I better check out the lewd stuff before my gf gets home ;)

PhoenixUp2469d ago

I thought that was actually the character's 3D rendering in the thumbnail, not the cosplayer herself

TGG_overlord2469d ago

That wasn't very nice against Helly von Valentine :P To be fair, she has the real-life 2B booty ;) Nevertheless, I get what you mean.

Relientk772469d ago

It was hard for me to tell if the 3rd and 4th pics were really her

NapalmSanctuary2469d ago

Damn right. IGN had a whole article about 2B cosplay consisting of multiple cosplayers but not one single booty.

TGG_overlord2469d ago

Then it's not even a proper 2B cosplay article imo (no booty, no 2B).

BadElf2468d ago

ign is PC garbage in general

Simon_the_sorcerer2469d ago

It's the best cosplay booty that I've seen so far this year ^-^

TGG_overlord2469d ago

Helly should start selling posters, she would earn millions with ease :P

Littil_Devil2469d ago

I could watch those photos all day long ;)

FunAndGun2469d ago

You guys should stand in a circle and talk about how horny you are and who you would do...

Sam Fisher2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

What you scared of the circle jerk? seems like you the one insisting and all.... have to question you for a bit 🤔

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Relientk772469d ago

Another great 2B cosplay

2B definitely the video game character queen of cosplay in 2017

TGG_overlord2469d ago

I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed her cosplay and my article =) (I wasn't done with it until it was 4:00 in the morning). With no doubt, I'm very curious to know how much she works out per week. You see, every single cosplayer that I have asked about this (all but one) has stated that they don't work out :P

Littil_Devil2469d ago

Imo, she tops every single 2B cosplay that I've seen since the release of Nier: Automata.

Pantz2469d ago

I'd follow her up any ladders

TGG_overlord2469d ago

I would follow her straight down to hell if I got a chance to do so :P

TGG_overlord2469d ago

I got blown away by it. As Helly really does look like a real-life version of 2B.

kirkhammer2469d ago

Her other cosplays are great, but 2B iteration is my fav!

TGG_overlord2469d ago

@NapalmSanctuary "Good job on exhibiting the proper angles :P"

- Very much so Mr. Sepultura fan ;)