Ones to Watch: October 2008 Xbox 360 Releases

Aeropause writer Joe Haygood has put together a guide of the top titles coming out for the Xbox 360 in the month of October.

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Firstkn1ghT5768d ago

Damn I hate when one month has to many great games. I thought I heard Midnight Club is delayed but if its not than I'm picking Midnight Club and Fable 2 in Oct. Dead Space and Fallout 3 will have to wait till another time.

green5768d ago

Same here.I will get only Fable 2 in october because November is going to be too hectic for me with Gears of War 2,Banjo Nuts & Bolts,left 4 Dead and Tom Clancy's End War all firmly on my pre order list.

Mirrors Edge and Fallout 3 will have to wait till Spring 09, but with Race Pro,Halo Wars,Star Ocean 4,Halo 3 expansion and Ninja Blade all set for Spring 09 only time will tell if i will still get Mirrors Edge.

The Dark Side5767d ago

You got to be kidding, Fallout 3 is going to crush Fable 2 in every way. Only thing unique about Fable is how your charecter and places changes over time base on what you have done in the game. But the gameplay, depth, longevity, and value you will be better on Fallout 3. Definitely RPG of the Year. You'll see.

dro5767d ago

most of those games there are multi plat!!! i tought it was gona be exlusive games when i saw the headline... :/ but im still getting gears 2 when i by my 360.

Agent VX5767d ago

dro - Most of these games are multiplats, but just know that when you buy the 360 version, you are getting the best version as the PS3 versions usually trail in quality of gameplay and graphics. The limitations of the PS3 really come into play with multiplats, especially in performance and online.

Cenobia5767d ago

Wow agent, can YOU even take yourself seriously anymore? Keep using those year old arguments, I'm sure there's still a couple of people that actually believe what you say.

Multiplatform games were worse on the PS3 when the PS3 launched. More games are actually better, or at least of equal quality on the PS3 now. GTA is one example, and I haven't seen a real example of "lower quality" multiplatform games on the PS3 in the last few months. If the developers know what they're doing, then the PS3 version of the game is always fine. It was never the hardware that caused bad ports.

You don't even own a PS3 so how would you know anyway? You probably just watch online comparisons like the one for GRID.

Firstkn1ghT5767d ago

Actually GTA has been proven to be better on the 360. It's the only version that is in true 720p HD. It's much sharper and better colors. Pure is another game that just came out that is better on the 360. With the 360 you will always get at least an equal version to the ps3 and never a gimped one. DMC and Burnout were both build on the ps3 first and both games are perfectly equal. The ps3 can't say that. Especially with recent games like Pure and Soul Calibur,

deeznuts5767d ago

firstnight, the guy who actually discovered the pixel differences over at neogaf also said, the ps3 version looked better. Pixel count is not #1 factor when determining pq.

If a game comes out on 360 or PS3, unless the PS3 version is broken, I get that one. I have a newer Elite, but I don't care, the 360 is loud, plain and simple. I have a surround sound system so no problem with volume, but the 360 is still loud.

Cenobia5767d ago

@Firstkn1ghT - I read from multiple sights that GTA on the PS3 has significantly less pop in. If you're talking about resolution, or something else that only people with telescopes could see then I don't think the average gamer cares.

And I honestly don't buy into internet comparisons. Every single comparison I've seen shows the PS3 with washed out color, when you could easily tweak your TV to make both versions look the same. The PS3 is capable of better or at least equal quality in multiplatform games. If the developers can wrap their heads around the PS3 then the games always turn out great.

The point is I haven't seen a game that has been significantly worse on either console in quite a while. Any "differences" can't be seen by the naked eye, or can be easily adjusted through each persons TV. There really is no reason to get one version over the other (besides achievements, which will change next year when trophies become mandatory).

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THWIP5768d ago

I'll be playing 9 of those games; 4 rentals, and 5 purchases. That's almost $350 in gaming, for October ALONE...and I'll still have Gears 2, Tomb Raider:U, BK3, Quantum of Solace, L4D, and Mirror's Edge to finish out the year. :(

Tacki5768d ago

I actually preordered the Ultra Limited Edition of Dead Space. Though I worry with what financial situation that puts me in. No doubt EA wishes to take me over as well.

AAACE55767d ago

"DON'T DO IT!"... Learn from my mistakes. I bought the Halo 3 Legendary edition for $130, only to want to sell it a couple months later, and the highest offer I could get was $45. I was lucky I finally found someone who wanted to pay me $80, but it was looking grimm at first!

Tacki5767d ago

It's ok, AAACE5. I do want that edition and trust me I thought about it well before I went through with my decision. I know not everyone would feel it's worth it... but I've been a DVD collector as well and I always like to have the very best edition (in terms of what's included) and it was a bit of a joke when I talked about my 'financial situation'. I'll afford it just fine with the holidays coming around and the only way I'd end up regretting it is if the game itself really sucked.

My brother has the Halo 3 Legendary Edition and I actually thought that was pretty cool and worth the money. Different strokes, y'know? Also, I NEVER sell any of my games. Don't ask why... I just don't do it.

But I appreciate your concern at the very least. I understand you simply wouldn't want the same thing that happened with you to happen to me or anyone else... but I'm quite sure of this one. :)

HairyBrownSack5768d ago (Edited 5768d ago )


Dead Space
Fable 2
Farcry 2
Fallout 3

And still enjoying the hell out of Silent Hill 5. What a great game!

5767d ago
HairyBrownSack5767d ago

My very FIRST EVER non troll post and you have to come in here and ruin it!!!!!!!

Marcus Fenix5767d ago

I'll pull out my wallet starting from October 14th, im getting Dead Space, Far Cry 2, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead, I feel so lucky this holiday season :)

shovelbum5767d ago

Christmas is coming early this year.

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