Xbox One X GPU Allows 4K Without Compromises,More RAM Allows Assets Load Instantly:Path of Exile Dev

"More RAM helps us cache art assets so that they are instantly available if later needed," says Chris Wilson.

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zivtheawesome448d ago

"Xbox One X GPU Allows 4K Without Compromises" how can they say that when we have games that are compromising for it already to reach 4k (AC:O, Anthem)

2pacalypsenow448d ago

I think they are referring to Path of Exile.

yomfweeee447d ago

No, he was speaking about other games and developers. So, he is wrong.

4Sh0w447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

zivtheawesome & bluefox,

Well of course there are always compromises but the idea still stands that they were able to do much more on a console than before because of the RAM available to them via the X's hardware.

You guys only want to take the extreme literal meaning because this news bothers you. lol, sound like the negative types talking about a beautiful location, everyone else is enjoying= "Nah this place doesn't really blow me away". - Of course it didnt, of course.

morganfell447d ago

"Well of course there are always compromises but the idea still stands that they were able to do much more on a console than before because of the RAM available to them via the X's hardware."

No what idea doesn't stand? The point the dev was making about all games.

bluefox755448d ago

Yeah, it's probably not a good idea for anyone to use that phrasing anymore, since we know there is and will be compromises. Heck, many of us consider 30fps a compromise, for any resolution.

trainsgofast447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

If developers put the work in then you get Native 4k/60-30 like Path of Exile and if your engine is not up to the work load then you get checkerboarding. The fact that there's games that are native 4k (all most all of MS games are) makes it a 4K console without Compromises.

Aenea447d ago

So all the games on the regular Xbox One that aren't native 1080p was only because of the engines used not being good enough? Or did that have something to do with the hardware not being good enough?
It's the same thing now!

Well done on MS's PR department tho, people gobble the nonsense up....

trainsgofast447d ago


No it's do to developers have to put the time to get XB1 up to a 1080p level, time is money for developers and XB1 was and still a mass to code for. Unless you are like MS's 1st party developer that had the tools to do what HALO, GoW, and FH3 was doing on XB1. then most developers will take the easy way out (720p-900p) .

MS sent out programmers to help get some games up and running, like rise of the tomb raider. Did any OG PS4 game ever match Forza 5,6 or 7? No they did not.
So why is MS able to get out all this power from the OG XB1? It comes down to time and the right tools from MS for a system that must be maxed out 100% to get the best out of it.

As far as engines go take a look at Unreal 4 OG XB1 1080Dp, frostbite is all over the place ans that says it all about that engine, take a look at COD's game engine, it started on XB1 at just 720p and in the next game the Resolution went up to about 1360x1080p with the same hardware and engine. How about Killer Instinct that was and still is not a large team started life as 720p and now it's 900p with again the same engine.

Aenea447d ago

Yes, it's the exact same situation....

trainsgofast447d ago

"So the situation is exactly the same with X1 and One X,"
Not at all. Killer Instinct is after 3 years is now native 4k/60 on XB1X.

"they will take the easy way out and go for sub-4k on the One X, gotcha."
Not this time, XB1X is easy to get code running on as said by meany developers all ready. You can use PC code with presets of highest end PCs and it will just work..

"Frostbite is the most optimised 3rd party engine there is, they do take their time to get the most out of the hardware. "
How is this true when the EA teams can't give you the same out put from game to game. The best code is when weaker hardware is pushed to a much higher point like the Gears of War Unreal engine that is now native 4K on XB1X. Look at the Forza tech engine it's 1080p from any team.

"Games with lots of enemies walking about in the scenery needs extensive AI to work, that AI has to run on something as well."

"That can either be CPU or GPU or both, in any case something will have to give in order to make it work."
The CPU in X1X is not the same as the one in the PS4 or XB1. Ms did something to it. it's only about 200Mhz more than PS4P but can keep the GPU running at a 4K/60-30 level.

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EatCrow447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Im sure those games could do 4k. With lower levels of detail.
But they cant have worse looking textures and pop in but higher resolution. That would look silly in a comparison video.

That said. It's awful to see that any dev that compliments the xbox will get bashed in a comment section.
Even if it is one of the most player and consumer friendly devs out there on PC.

zivtheawesome447d ago

"Im sure those games could do 4k. With lower levels of detail. " that is a compromise compared to the regular version.

EatCrow446d ago

Gamers on PC compromise all the time. Perfectly normal. Just because I cant run ALL max settings at 1080p for instance doesnt mean my PC isnt a 1080p machine.

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nismo370448d ago

Gamingbolt= always the same.....

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