Armchair Empire: Alpha Protocol Preview

The espionage genre never really dies; it just hides as a sleeper agent from time to time. Fortunately for its fans, the genre is in full view right now with the success of the Bourne trilogy, 24, and a re-invigorated Bond franchise. Into this landscape slips, blasts or smooth talks [it is up to you] 'Alpha Protocol' from Obsidian Entertainment.

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marioporter3792d ago

This promises to be a top tier title, in my mind. If they can't nail it, then it'll be just another overhyped game. I hope they do nail it, though. I think the concept is incredible. Not that there haven't been spy games before. I just don't think there's been one quite like they're making this out to be.

peowpeow3792d ago

I won't read the article but is this that RPG style game?