No Final Fantasy XIII until 2008?

In an interview with Famitsu Magazine, character designer Tetsuya Nomura spoke on the main titles to be released from Square Enix during 2007; and surprisingly, Final Fantasy XIII was not one of them.

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ChaosKnight5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

To tell you the truth, I'm not surprised at all. Seeing that Final Fantasy XII took about 3 years before released since it was announced (in Japan and then like six months later in Japan). Looking at Square's history, I have always been thinking that Japan will get the game, like the site says, early 2008 and will come about 1/2 a year later in North America.

Bebedora5220d ago

...I've read an article about it and it took even 5 years, and over $30 mi to make.

I'm with you, it will take time, and I kind of estimates it to be finnished first in Q2 2008. The following FF vs XIII will come short after, I think. White engine is finnished, and that is a big burden gone there.

spacetoilet5220d ago

It gives me more breathing space to beat FFXII which Im blown away by. I have not even scratched the surface yet though. Well at least square release games when they fell they are complete.

FirstknighT5220d ago

It's not "Play Beyond"......its "Wait Beyond"

CyberSentinel5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

D3lay B3yond.

Covenant5220d ago

Good ones, both of you.

Zinswin5220d ago

I stopped playing JRPG's about 12 years ago. Has it progressed beyond a single button control scheme? With this type of game my experience has been, "Press the A button. Kill an enemy. Level up. Press the A button to kill a BIGGER enemy. Watch a cutscene. Drink a healing potion. Press A to kill another enemy..."

Give me some paper, pencil, and a d20 anytime.

calderra5219d ago

There's a game called Progess Quest out there for Windows. Google it, play it, and thank me in the morning. Just... trust me on this one.

Zinswin5219d ago

I just about crapped myself. OMG! The best JRPG EVAARR!!!!! Great stuff.

Hymons5220d ago

There are atleast two posts that relate to the point behind the topic. I didn't think the others could hold off for long.

Anyway.. I'm not really a fan of FF but I enjoy what Square does with their games. I've watched many people play FF and I haven't been unimpressed yet. I don't mind the wait.. I might actually get this game. Let them do the work and it'll all come together in the end.

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The story is too old to be commented.