Patrick Söderlund "sees no reason" not to return to Mass Effect

Gamereactor talked to EA's executive vice president at Gamescom.

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FallenAngel1984516d ago

It'd be interesting to see if EA could salvage this franchise

_-EDMIX-_516d ago

Ummm ok.

They had 1 bad release.

Pretty sure they can simply get the old team back on and be ok. Many series have had a bad game and they've lived. Mass Effect will be ok.

Zerito516d ago

Finally someone touching the point !!! Mass Effect is one of my favorite franchises and yes i'm sad Andromeda was a mess but gosh... Beating down again and again how the franchise is dead, how everyone sucked etc etc... It's just so much negativity !

Hopefully it will rise and come back better, like AC Origins looks like

FallenAngel1984516d ago

In many cases 1 bad release could be all it takes to massively damage a franchise.

_-EDMIX-_516d ago

I mean that's nice but from what I've seen from stats is Mass Effect Andromeda still sold pretty well for Electronic Arts.

They can always release another title as I'm doubtful they're going to throw away a multi-million series like Mass Effect.

Especially considering the game was made by a team that never made a mass effect in the first place.

Parasyte516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

If they let the A-team studio work on it like they did the first trilogy, it can happen. Casey Hudson, one of the heads of the first ME trilogy, has said he wants to work on ME again.

With Anthem coming down the pipe, depending on its success, I don't think we will be seeing another ME game for a while.

_-EDMIX-_516d ago


I see EA very much putting the old team back on Mass Effect as suppose to that other brand new.....questionable team. lol

bluefox755516d ago

Sure, but it's not a matter of simply retrying, things would need to change first.

cfc83516d ago

Takes about 4/5 years to make a ME game, plus they won't be talking about it seriously for years. I think ME fans should put the franchise to the back of their minds for a long time. I actually liked Andromeda, it just didn't have the strength and depth of othe ME games, but it did some great things other ME games didn't have.

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