Do You Like to Re-Buy Your Games?

Sometimes it's difficult to determine when a re-release is worthwhile and when it's simply an overpriced cash grab, but here's an attempt to draw a line in the sand.

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PhoenixUp2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Trophies & additional content can make a compelling offer, especially when I really love playing the game

darthv722291d ago

I generally re-buy a game if it is part of a larger compilation. Like I had a few the Ratchet and clank games on PS2 but when the R&C collection came to PS3 it was an easy choice because you got all of them remastered in HD on one disc.

Or even better was the God of War collection that took the PSP games and remastered them for the PS3 on one disc. I don't mind having the originals as well as the remasters for that.

_-EDMIX-_2291d ago


If its a nice collection and adds some content or remasters some stuff or I didn't play all the versions, I'm ok buying a collection.

I think I missed like 1 God Of War game, but the collection was actually cheaper then the game by itself so I ended up getting the God Of War Collection instead.

Depends how old it is too.

If I want to replay RE4, why play a lessor version? If it will cost me 10 bucks or so, sure...I'd play the best version out.

rainslacker2290d ago

Compilation remasters are among my favorite games to "re0-buy". Nice to have a whole collection in one place like that, particularly if they improved on it in some way. The God of War Remaster for PS4 I wasn't overly interested in, although I'd consider that more a cross-gen port. TLOU remaster for PS4 I "rebrought" because the game was spectacular, and it included the DLC on the disc so was nice as a collector to have that.

Soulst0rmer2291d ago

I absolutely hate that Square Enix doesn't support crossbuy.

I generally dont rebuy games. I did rebuy some classics like Oddworld and Chrono Trigger on Vita tho

PhoenixUp2291d ago

@ darth

I repurchased UMvC3 on PS4 just because it had all the DLC included and just so I could own this game digitally for once.

@ Eon

I've bought KH2 on every platform it was released on.

@ Soul

Because rereleases aren't always the same. More work was done to make FFX/FFX-2 & KH2.5 on PS4 a better experience than on PS3.

rainslacker2290d ago

Personally I don't feel a re-release is the same as rebuying a game. Rebuying indicates you brought the same product in the past, and remasters or whatever are new products.

To answer the question though, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends on the game and what it has to offer up over the original game which I may have purchased.

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FallenAngel19842291d ago

Depends if the rerelease has added content

BrianOBlivion2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

I don't think anybody LIKES to, but I fairly often feel compelled to by GOTYs or remasters. Lately I've been doing a lot of holding out for complete releases since I have such a huge backlog to keep me busy.

CyberSentinel2291d ago

I feel you, I held off buying injustice 2 (it's killing me) because I know another Ultimate Edition is coming. Now I'm struggling to cancel my preorder for Marvel vs Capcom infinity. I just know I'm going to eventually pay for it twice. /sigh

MunchMiller002291d ago

Brilliant question. "Do you like to essentially throw your money away?"

Most people today are so stupid they don't even realize they're being bent over by these companies, and even come to their defense when they pull shady bulls**t. The rest of us are stuck going along for the ride.

It's been downhill ever since gaming became "popular" and every moron on the planet started throwing money at these companies.

Kornholic2291d ago

There's a demand for these re-releases. That's why they are being made. I just bought Dead Rising 2 because now it's 60fps. People are not that stupid, however you sound like a complete ass.

ShaunCameron2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

How are they being bent over? They're free not to buy the game they already played before. So far, the only games I "re-bought" were games I played on the 360 and Wii for the PS3/4 to up my Trophy count such as Bayonetta, Saints Row IV, Rayman Origins and Resident Evil 6.

_-EDMIX-_2291d ago

huh? Who is forcing anyone to buy theses games though?

Also, how do you know the sales are not from new buyers? I play Chrono Trigger for the first time on PS1, HL2 for the first time on XBOX, FFIV for the first time on PS1 etc. Many people play a game they've never played as a re-release or remaster, port etc. It happens.

Nothing makes anyone stupid for spending their money they way they feel like it.

rainslacker2290d ago

No one is forcing people to buy a newer edition of the game. It's not like everyone buys these games day one, and most GOTY editions type things tend to be for those who don't.

Remasters are really the same way, but then the compilations tend to be a value added thing for fans and those diving in late.

I wouldn't really call it throwing money away if it's something I want. Only game i ever brought that was only a marginal remaster over a recent game was TLOU on PS4, and that's because it included the DLC on disc, and I'm a collector, and the game was spectacular and I wanted to play it again. I didn't pay full price, so I was happy with my purchase.

I've "thrown my money away" on many new releases, but can't recall ever doing so on a re-release, remaster, or anything of that nature.

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