Gametrailers: LBP. Cars can climb walls now.

Yes, cars are climbing walls in LBP. Watch the video.

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Nitrowolf24371d ago

pretty cool, but i was already thinking that that was possibly, what im woundering is if its possible to make your guy run up walls

El_Colombiano4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

I am in LOVE with the game. Seriously I have not laughed so hard in the last year!

EDIT: Haha smart! Using the rocket to keep the car on the surface!

jmiol-on-psn4371d ago

this game is really good i spend 10 hours today making a game and i am only like 1/3 done.

DrWan4371d ago

He added a rocket on the car so it exerts a constant downward force to resist gravity while on wall and upside down. Then he changed the wheels to spikes to resist it from sliding down. Very creative.

pansenbaer4371d ago

This game is overwhelming. I don't even know where to start with making a level.

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