PhoenixUp2498d ago

I was hoping that all the Jak and Daxter games would release today, not have release dates spread apart from one another

TerminalGamer2498d ago

A collection would have been nice.

PhoenixUp2498d ago

A collection already exists on PS3 & Vita for $10

I just want Jak X to finally be available digitally


New DBD survivor potentially leaked for July 2024

The new licensed DBD survivor for July 2024 has possibly leaked online, and Dead By Daylight fans should be very excited.

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Sonyslave311d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The pic look like Lara Corft 🤩🤩


Destiny 2 - Episode Echoes Launch Trailer

As an aurora spreads across the stars following the Witness’s defeat, a mysterious object materializes and falls to the surface of Nessus.


Destiny 2: The Pale Heart Region Chests Guide

Find all 9 Region Chests across three different regions with the help of our Destiny 2: The Pale Heart Region Chests Guide!

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