X-Play: Midnight Club Los Angeles: All Access

Blair Herter takes a ride in some sweet cars and gets the latest on Midnight Club: Los Angeles for the 360 and PS3.

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ElementX3789d ago

Screw Cute & Creepy Part, I don't want that! How about new spice colors, creating multiple vehicles? How about a deeper ally/enemy and economy structure? What I want is more micromanagement. Yes, it's an addicting game, esp when under the influence of something, but I think it needs more depth.

ElementX3789d ago

I posted this to another topic how'd it end up here?

N4G Member3789d ago

I dunno how it ended up here but i voted 'agree' on both things you said if that helps!

Midnight Club if it would have kept it original release date i would have bought it. Now the game is coming out after Saint's Row 2 so that gets my cash.

They need to release more in-game footage to get me back on board, but it probably won't happen.

Crazyglues3789d ago

they need to have way more in-game footage by now.. the game comes out Oct 21st and there is not one full video review of the game... what's going on...

That just makes me question if it's any good... they really need to do something.