PlayStation VR Brings The Big Guns to Gamescom

Sony brings some of the most anticipated titles for PlayStation VR to demonstrate at Gamescom PlayStation stand.

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Abnor_Mal1328d ago

Really loving my PSVR, playing through Arazona Sunshine at the moment, then will finally start Superhot. I wonder when this Bravo Team game is coming out, hopefully it uses the aim controller. Skyrim VR seems like it would be fun to play through but I dont know if I'd to buy Skyrim over again. My most anticipated game for PSVR is Ace Combat7 wishing it didnt get delayed but understand that the delay will help to polish the game even further. Finally I thought I read that the Final Fantasy15 VR game was canceled, article seems to suggest that the game is still coming out. Guess I will just have to wait and see.

yeahright21328d ago

Yeah I never touch mine when I'm with my kids so that's only one night a week I get to jump into VR, but I always look forward to it. Such an awesome experience. currently playing time machine VR and RE7.

2600Thunder1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Excited to see what's coming. While I was a day 1 PSVR buyer and always thought it was very promising after trying the demos (which I fell in love with), it wasn't until I experienced RE7 in VR that completely crushed any remaining doubt I had about VR. The reactions from my gf playing where incredible and she finished RE7 in VR before me. Even after the "novelty" wore off we both preferred finishing RE7 in VR. There were so many surreal moments while sneaking around the mansion and the overwhelming feeling of presence and immersion were just unbelievable - especially when I had the fan blowing on my face (PSVR gets warm) and strange neighborhood smells crept in our living room windows.

Motion sickness is still an issue, but Standford and other companies are making strides in anti-motion sickness research. And we can't forget past breakthroughs. Doom was a sudden leap in the industry that occurred on the current tech of those day, so I think something similar will happen and RE7 in VR proved its potential. Devs just need to find the magic and we are closer to the VR dream than we realize.

freshslicepizza1327d ago

"The VR mode for Gran Turismo Sport is only available in 1vs1 mode, but the PlayStation VR has been set up and is awaiting use if attendees wish to test it."

Then Sony has a bit of a problem on their hands because the lastest video clearly intended to show multiple cars onscreen at once while in VR mode.

That little caption on the bottom saying VR only applies to certain tracks and cars is not going to remove them from any scrutiny.

It's nice to see Skyrim get some love but what about this generation game, Fallout 4, why isn't that confirmed?