New Nintendo 3DS XL Super Nintendo Edition Is Coming

Nintendo are set to release a Super Nintendo version of the New Nintendo 3DS XL. Is it a shameless cash grab, though?

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FallenAngel19841487d ago

How is it a shameless cash grab? I don't find it any more appalling than the PS1 skinned PS4 that came in few quantities

solvemymaze1487d ago

It's a question if it is or not. I'm not saying that it is. Personally for those that don't have a New 3DS, I think it's a great product, as mentioned in the post. For the shameless cash grab question, I was pre-emptively assuming what die hard anti-Nintendo fanboys might be saying.

Fist4achin1486d ago

Why this now when it feels like they were trying to phase out support and have fans completely move to the Switch?!

solvemymaze1486d ago

It is a bit of a curious one. The thing is though, 3DS has a huge install base, and it would be silly to cut the cord on it just now. I personally think they could support both 3DS and Switch.

Fist4achin1486d ago

Fully agree with you. Long live the 3ds!

Multimega1482d ago

That does look pretty great tbh. I've already got 4 special edition 3ds's though. Dont think I need any more lol