The 1UP Show: Resident Evil 5, Little Big Planet Beta, Wipeout HD

In stark contrast to the recent electioneering taking our country by storm, The 1UP Show this week should continue to establish our place in the gamingverse as a "substance over style" type of candidate (They refuse to use the word "maverick").

Did someone say "exclusive Resident Evil 5 coop gameplay?" No, they probably didn't 'cause they didn't know it was going to be on the show this week, but here it is nevertheless! It should surprise no one that Cesar Quintero, Ryan O'Donnell, James Mielke, and Matt Chandronait think just as much of the Sheva side of things as they do of the Chris side of things, but, as has been said elsewhere and with appropriate vehemence, coop makes everything better!

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bomboclaat_gamer3795d ago

i hate streaming from 1up. i have a 15mb internet connection and it is sooooo slow. mother(beep), (bleep) sucker piece of (beep)!!!!!! F(beep)