PS One games that deserve the remake treatment - press X now

With Square Enix announcing that the classic Fear Effect from the PS One era will be getting a remake, many were pleased and excited as it was one of the cult classics that everyone loved. That being said, many had begun putting up wishlists on what games a developer should remake next. - pXn

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PhoenixUp2114d ago

All great choices to get a remake

GustofWindDanzerker2114d ago

I've been posting on Sony's Facebook for years asking for them to bring back Legend of Dragoon (along with others). Sony is sitting on a JRPG goldmine with that game. Yet, they haven't done anything with the IP since the first one. Maybe one day we'll get something from them, only time will tell.

Unspoken2114d ago

No no no, only new exclusives are worth it! We don't want old games.


porkChop2114d ago

I still don't understand how after all this time Sony hasn't tried to reboot Legend of Dragoon.

Lavitz19892114d ago

maybe they don't have the original team anymore

2114d ago
kakakaja2114d ago

Spyro The Dragon definitely. And CTR as well.

saoco2114d ago

I would love to see some JetMoto, Loaded, a new Warhawk, even cool boarders. How about a new BADASS Armored Core? Or Rival Schools!!! Too many great games on that system.

porkChop2114d ago

A new Warhawk could be sweet. I always liked that game, it deserves a proper sequel. Did not like Starhawk though.

I-Hate-usernames2114d ago

Sadly, no one mentioned MediEvil.

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