Microsoft Again Stretches Definition Of 'Exclusive'

One of the most annoying trends in video games is the word “exclusive,” which perhaps once meant “limited” or “restricted” but now, thanks to Microsoft and Sony, means absolutely nothing. Today’s big exclusive is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Which probably isn’t an exclusive.

JaguarEvolved2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

"Microsoft telling lies again"

Araragifeels 2223d ago

They still haven't learn. At least the old bosses of Xbox at least care about exclusives more than hardware.

bouzebbal2223d ago

Phil Spencer crushed every hope of a comeback.
fanboys calling him a savior of the xbox is just crazy

Unspoken2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Sony defense force out in full effect!

Better looking games coming this November!

"Which probably isn't an exclusive"

Probably?...no confirmation for your own story. Sad fanboys.

fiveby92223d ago

If MS spent half as much energy on developing a true first party games development as they do on marketing spin, maybe they would not need to PR spin so much and have actual exclusives. Their priorities are so misplaced. They hope to convince the larger consuming public they have exclusives as many are not really attuned to the business as others. So they'll see the term exclusive online or in a store and think they have something special.

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frostypants2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

@Unspoken, I play Battlegrounds on PC. It's 100% not an Xbox exclusive. It's also generally believed that it will be released on PS4 at some point, so it's not even a "console exclusive" if you use that silly term.

InTheLab2222d ago

I think this nonsense started last gen on the 360. People made up the term "console exclusive " and now there's launch exclusive and platform exclusives and wtf.

I've been saying it for over 10 years. Games are either exclusive or multiplatform. If they only appears on one platform, it is exclusive. If it's on multiple platforms, it's exactly as the name implies.

If I don't need an xbox to play it, it's multiplat. If I can also play a game on my Vita like Sly Cooper, it's multiplatform. It's simple.

Unspoken2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

What platform's has this game released on? Windows and Xbox? Wow, MS owns both. Why do you guys keep forgetting that? We can split hairs all day. Not once did the dev's confirm it was coming to PS4. It may at some point but until them those of us who can enjoy it will. The rest can grumble and curl up with their PS4 for comfort.

darthv722222d ago

@inthelab, I like the way you think but it isn't just MS that boasts something like "console exclusive". On the cover of my SFV it says "PS4 Console Exclusive Game"... Do we blame Sony for the misleading wording or Capcom for using Sony's "PS4" moniker leading to the misleading wording?

The other offending phrases are "Only on Playstation" as well as "Only on Xbox" where both phrases have appeared on game cases for games that are also available on some other platform (PC/Portable/Mobile)

indysurfn2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

As long as your not talking about Mark Cerny he was bad for software OWNERSHIP in general. Not just games. He was attempting to set a president at gamers exspense. Which he could then apply to the PC space.

I think Microsoft knows more than we want to admit. They just don't want to risk money making AAA games.

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Kiwi662223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

But it is in regards to consoles, only going to be on Xbox this year so how is that a lie

Kiwi662223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

To disagrees is it going to be on PS4 this year or not as the article only said about it going to be on Xbox
@edmix so if no one cares then why are people talking about it

_-EDMIX-_2223d ago

yet coming to PC.

Buddy, no one cares. Thats like saying Madden is PS4 exclusive because PS4 is the only system called PS4 its coming to.

Oh its coming to XB, but its PS4 exclusive you see, as Madden on PS4, is the only Madden that can be found on PS4 /s

Do you not understand how stupid that is?

At the end of the day, it can be found else where.

KwietStorm_BLM2223d ago

So we have to add specific years to the list of labels now too? "2017 exclusive" ...should that go on the actual box?

G20WLY2223d ago

Lol the game won't even be finished this year, it will be one of those beta tests they market as 'early access' 😂

Go play it for me ASAP, Kiwi66, so that the devs can tighten it up for me in readiness for retail multiplatfom release. Thanks buddy 👍

CoryHG2222d ago

They can say play it here first, timed exclusive, what not. Technically nothing is an exclusive on the system anymore since the FRANCHISE EXCLUSIVES are all available on PC. Which I suggest putting that $500 towards a capable PC rather than the Xbox One X.

CoryHG2222d ago

Also, Street Fighter V is considered a PS4 exclusive, even though it's on PC. Mainly because the competition doesn't have it.

SixFragz2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Something like "(timed) early access" or "early release" or "first to be released on" would be much more suitable.

I know how bad the actual first party exclusives are on the Xbone, so Xbots are desperate for something worthy to be called an exclusive. Battlegrounds is not a "true" exclusive to the Xbone. We all know how Microsoft likes to throw things around loosely to make things sound better than they actually are.

Don't worry though, you guys can call it an exclusive all you'd like if it'll make you all happy. The word "exclusive" won't mean jack once it's released on PS4.

Kiwi662222d ago

Guess i should've known that you can't ask a question because people get upset with such things it would seem

rainslacker2222d ago

The whole term exclusive has been twisted to be more complicated than it needs to be. I don't think this is really something just from MS, although they certainly have been using the word a lot lately.

People can take it however they want really, and on here, most of us are educated enough on a particular release to know where things are releasing, but in terms of marketing, it does do what it's supposed to and helps give the perception to the larger gaming market that something is special and unique to the system.

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denawayne2223d ago

What I find funny is how fed up people are with Microsoft. I mean every damn article about MS is filled with comments about how Microsoft lies, deceives, underpromises, has no exclusives, etc. Really people need to get a life. I don't play on any Nintendo consoles, so guess what? when things aren't going good for Nintendo, I don't give ashit. I'm not in Nintendo articles complaining about a company I don't support. If someone in here is a legitimate Xbox supporter and has an issue, then fine. But all of these Sony fanboys commenting about MS is really pathetic and it makes you look like you actually care about MS and how well they are doing.

Why o why2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Nice D control bro

Fisrt off, this is n4g and secondly when I see you in a crossplay article telling xbox guys the same thing I'll actually take you seriously.

The difference with this topic is its not just ps fans showing disdain. This is a clear case of MS trying to mislead the whole public not just their fanbase. Try not to take it personally...ms done sh#t not you.

You shouldn't shoot the messenger just because you dont like the message. What are you telling the pissed off xbox fans.

Rude-ro2223d ago

Except Nintendo adds to gaming by bringing innovation and games... Microsoft wants to monopolize while not adding to gaming.
You can not go around like Phil and preach about in house games and show nothing but third party deals...
It's been over 7 years since Microsoft has made a new AAA game.. "sh!t or get off the pot" as my old man would say.
If you are not going to be a gaming business then why be in the gaming business?

letsa_go2223d ago

Won't someone think of Microsoft's feelings?!?!??!!

G20WLY2223d ago

- "Sony fanboys".
- "legitimate Xbox supporters".
- No mention of general gamers.

Yup, you showed your true colours today.

OB1Biker2222d ago

Well if Nin was calling games 'exclusive' but you find out they are coming to your console woudn you say the same thing to people criticising it?

rainslacker2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

So when the obviously biased towards MS Kotaku puts out an article like this, they're Sony fan boys?

There is a lot of disdain towards MS. This is nothing new for MS. I think it's just that Xbox fans are suddenly seeing how most people talked about MS for decades before today. MS does a lot of shady things. They have some good products, but MS always looks out for it's best interest, and will manipulate the markets, and marketing in order to try and sell their vision of the future to the general public in any way possible, even if it means not being completely truthful.

It's easy to dismiss an argument by just saying everyone's a hater or biased, but it takes actual intelligence to be able to say why something is or isn't by ignoring that, and just addressing the argument at hand.

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Relientk772223d ago

I don't want Microsoft to ever use the word exclusive again, unless they actually mean it aka only on Xbox One

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MegamanXXX2222d ago

The Xbox/MS hate is strong with this article!

2600Thunder2222d ago

MS has been in so much litigation crap by the businesses they bully and for breaking trust laws it's incredible. Their lies and draconian business contracts/EULAS are how MS stays in business. Their enterprise level stuff can all be done on Unix or Linux for free. MIT has one of the most advanced networks on the planet and it is all Unix and Linux.

rainslacker2222d ago

Not technically a lie, but certainly misleading to the layman.