Spore Expansion Pack Sneaks Up At Online Game Shops

It looks like the first addon for Spore will arrive very soon indeed. Called the Spore Cute & Creepy Parts Pack has a retail price of $19.99 and will be available on the 18th of November.

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Le-mo3790d ago

Ignore the comment, I've changed the story.

Kwijiboe3790d ago

Kind of lame for these developers to do this; content withheld for profit.

But then again, pirates just steal illegal copies of it.

il-mouzer3789d ago

I bought the game, why should I pay for additional content that other people will just rip off?

f7897903789d ago

There are relatively no development costs in including more parts. I shall pirate it. And if the game doesnt download the creatures automatically anymore because I cant log in, I WONT CARE! I have plenty downloaded already.

nutcrackr3790d ago

just like EA with The Sims, this was expected.

How many more to come, how many copies will be sold. I know the "casuals" will lap this up.

kevanio093790d ago

Release a proper expansion...pwetty please

jay23789d ago

No thanks, something decent first.

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