IGN: How Gears of War Can Become the Next Halo

Microsoft needs another Halo like a desert needs rain. One hit franchise is fantastic, but the drought between appearances of Master Chief can be long and arduous. No matter how many great third-party games release on Xbox 360, the simple fact is that Microsoft Game Studios has been a one-trick pony for far too long. Those first-party exclusives are what everybody associates the system with. It's time for Gears of War to step up and stand next to Halo as another premiere franchise that becomes synonymous with the Xbox brand.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida4434d ago

Giving Gears of War the option of using power rangers in the multiplayer seems like the best way.

Pain4433d ago

Emo's of War cant be next Halo why?

RFOM is the Next halo...its all about the story kids.

I_killed_TheMart4434d ago

Dom: Reavers were one thing but a Black Penis?

Marcus: If they Can ride em, so can we.

DavidMacDougall4434d ago

Its already going down the road of failure (halo3) by going after the casuals

Rhezin4434d ago

No wonder you guys are on here 24/7 in 360 threads, you have no jobs, no girlfriend, no life whatsoever. Know why? YOU'RE F!CKING RETARDED! the three douche stooges.

HairyBrownSack4433d ago

IGN gave Silent Hill: Homecoming a 6.7, LOL. F*CK IGN. Not reading this. Sorry.

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The story is too old to be commented.