SEGA: "Vision" is real, not a PSP rival

Earlier today a story surfaced claiming that Sega would be launching a "PSP beater" in 2009 by the name of the Sega Vision.

The guys at RPGSite were more than a little skeptical about this story, so they decided to get in touch with representatives at Sega USA to check if the rumor is true, and if the Sega Vision is intended as a re-entry into the handheld videogames sector.

Sega's full answer and confirmation of what the "Vision" is after the jump.

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Silogon3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Like their debunked magazine? Hmmm, doubtful. Sega already knew better than to knock heads with Nintendo or Sony. These guys are roasted toast and will never come back to the hardware business. Hell, it'd take more money than they've made on their shoddy software the last 8 years to even get get one off the ground.

Aclay3792d ago

I seriously doubt that Sega would ever get back into the hardware race and I'm not surprised to hear that the Sega "Vision" isn't real. When's the last time Sega made a hit game? YEARS. Sega needs just focus on Software and make some hit games before even thinking about getting back into hardware again.

Kuest3792d ago

for you, bubbles are justified, of course.

Silogon3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

5 disagrees and counting? Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally? No way... you gotta be kiding me. "ha" You people on this site, I swear. When logic is tossed in your face you turn the other way. Sega is done for. They will never be back in the hardware business again. Sega made too many stupid mistakes trying to beat Nintendo instead of Matching Nintendo.

Sega's business moel with the Genesis was flawless and guess what they did? They ran neck and neck with the SNES... ran neck and neck with them right up until when? Yup, they tried to beat them. Beat them with better hardware. When sega went wrong was the CD add on. Then the 32x add on and then the nomad and then the CDX and then the Saturn and then dreamcast. Sega took on too much and got burnt up for it.

nintendo sat back and laughed at Segas over spending ways and tech savy stupidity and waltzed off into the sunset with Sony. Little did they know that relationship wasn't going to end well either.

Sega killed Sega and there isn't anyone of you that can change that. Sega is a flawed business and they've shown this time and time again. Even Yuji Naka said it.

Argue this all you want, Sega beat Sega when they tried to out gun nintendo and they focused souly on doing that and failed. I'm right and you all hate it.

El_Colombiano3792d ago

People are disagreeing with you because you are you. I doubt they read the comment...

Cheeseknight283792d ago

Assuming this is real, if Sega puts too much money into it they will go bankrupt very soon. Their games don't sell well enough to justify an aggressive move into any hardware field.

RememberThe3573792d ago

They are Sega's new Money tree. they will be pumping out quality games for years to come.

Cheeseknight283792d ago

Platinum Games made Okami and Viewtiful Joe, both of which didn't sell half as good as they should. They may be pumping out good titles, but they're not releasing ones that sell well (Yet).

Something tells me a game with the name of "Bayonetta" isn't going to sell over a million copies, regardless of how good it is.

RememberThe3573791d ago

None of Clovers games got enough media push, and people never really understood them. I also think that Sega is going to do a better job of letting people know about Platinum Studios games. Those guy don't make conventional games, they do thing out of the box. Each game Clover put out was excellent so SEGA doesn't have to worry about quality, all they have to do is sell it.

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sinncross3792d ago

Omw.. its a cheap chinese knockoff of the iPod and SEGA allowed their name to be used with it..
seriously SEGA just cut it.. ur glory days are over... i seriously cant see this thing selling at all... the PSP is miles ahead of this device.

Killjoy30003792d ago

Sega always thought of the coolest names for their systems. Dreamcast and Vision are great names for video game systems.

ZombieNinjaPanda3792d ago

Wants a handheld.

Sega should just stick to making those games of theirs.

I really don't see something being called the "Sega Vision" beating either the Ds Or the psp.

schmeidenkamp3792d ago

they to at least make the name an abbreviation

or something lol

INehalemEXI3792d ago

Sega needs to be making a huge Shenmue , that be 1 and 2 remade for HD consoles and a 3rd. Bring those Yakuza's World Wide with out huge delay between regions too.

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