10 Celebrities Who Are Hardcore Gamers

You might think that celebrities only act in or lend their voices to video games. However, there are some celebrities who are avid gamers just like you and me. And I don't just mean Hollywood stars -- there are also musicians, athletes, and even UFC fighters that share a love for gaming.

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OB1Biker1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Is that what hardcore means then?

Segata1492d ago

ROFL! "hardcore" and it's basically Wii sports and CoD. Yes, Wii sports is hard to the core Y'all! That Mutha truckin CoD is hardcore on the real son! Think I will keep playing MUSHA and 1cc it like the casual gamer than I am in shame.

snipershot3251492d ago

All of those celebrities announcements were from 7th gen lol is gaming to mainstream now so they don't care about professing their love for it so they can be a "nerd"

C-H-E-F1492d ago

Olivia Munn is probably the only REAL "hardcore" gamer of them all seeing she used to be on my favorite tv show growing up. (G4 Attack of the Show)

Whatever2341492d ago

Sorry to burst you'r bubble but she was on that show to help launch her acting career.She new nothing much about gaming.Just what the cewcards read.

modelgod1490d ago

Really? That's disappointing. I really thought she was a gamer. Bitch! !!!!

Segata1492d ago

Aots was horrible. You should feel bad. It was gutter trash. Yeah, nothing screams "hardcore gamer" than eating a bunch of hot dogs hanging from a ceiling.

C-H-E-F1490d ago

Every show on G4TV was my favorite show growing up, even robot wars. And I mean, I see gamers on twitch do far worst for views, but they play games to pay the bills so that doesn't make them hardcore gamers?? lOl

Mr Marvel1492d ago

Yup, you're a real hardcore gamer when your game of choice is Wii Sports. LMFAO