Knack II Deserves To Happen – The Original Was A Masterclass in Kids Game Design

Sean @ FG: Knack might not have excited the adults, but it certainly deserves a sequel because kids loved it. Here’s why;

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ninsigma450d ago

The first was very fun. It shouldn't have been a full priced game but they seem to have realized that with the sequel and are giving it to us for a much better price. Look forward to playing this one at some point.

UCForce450d ago

Well, this sequel improved a lot since the first one.

andrewsquall450d ago

But that's not fair as all next gen games are ridiculously full price at the launch of a console. Remember even 1-2 Switch lol?

ninsigma450d ago

Oh I agree. Back then pricing was horrendous and it's only now were seeing some better prices for games.

corroios450d ago

well the Co-op seems very nice. I do like Co-op games.

shaggy2303450d ago

Played the original at a friends house, didn't really get into it that much, but hey if there are fans out there desperate for a bit more of Knack then good for them.

HeisenbergX450d ago

Well Knack 2 is happening and it looks kick-ass, let's hope it's gonna be awesome.

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