Console Monster: Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway Review

Console Monster writes: "What is it that makes a great soldier? Is it his Brain or his Heart?

I know what you are all thinking 'another World War 2 title' in a market that is full of World War 2 games it is hard to know the difference between your Medal of Honours and Call of Duty's, fortunately Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway recreates and gives a whole new storytelling perspective to this genre which will leave you wanting more.

Hells Highway is the third incarnation in the Brothers in Arms series. You'll assume the command of Sgt. Matt Baker of the 101st Recon Division and one of the first to land on D-Day +0. Your team will be comprised of returning Veterans and new comers looking for their first bit of real action. Well, they're in the right place as we dig in for one hell of a fight..."

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