Xbox @ Gamescom 2017 Live

Don’t miss the Xbox @ gamescom LIVE broadcast at 9 PM CEST / 12 PM PT.

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Obscure_Observer2037d ago

Yeah! I´m ready! Bring on the X!

Eonjay2037d ago

You know after watching I think I see why Sony doesn't do a show anymore... granted that wasn't a conference but damn.

InMyOpinion2037d ago

It was too cringey for me, I had to turn it off. Jesus christ...

81BX2037d ago

Yeah other than the xb1x going up for pre order and Jurassic park.... That sh!t was brutal

darthv722036d ago

Didn't watch it so i don't really know how it went other than the individual pieces being reported on. Preorders finally opened, that's good news.

Steveoreno12037d ago

Can someone tell me when the Jurassic park trailer is at. Know way I'm watching this. Asking my for my ps4. Thanks.

whothedog2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

It would of been nice if they gave me a reason to pick it up, though I doubt I would of wanted it at all. Why would I need this if I own a gaming PC and PS4 and recently Switch.

EDIT: I really would like a good argument to buy this machine. It is a under powered gaming PC with less capabilities. Of course that is just my opinion sprinkled with some fact.

1Victor2036d ago

2017 and batteries aren't included that's a deal breaker /jk

subtenko2036d ago

What you got to say now boi? XD

Im tired of Xbox BS'ing me.

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Bobafret2037d ago

Someone please wake me when they are done with AC.

--bienio--2037d ago

Wonder if they are announce some new games?

AzubuEntus2037d ago

"We'll be announcing TONS OF NEW GAMES"
- Lists off Gears, Halo, and Forza - lulz

nix2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

even some of the trailers were from E3.

the same 5 billion play time data.i wonder if they'll ever announce the real numbers. they'll probably boast the xbox x numbers though. i'm sure aaron just can't resist that temptation.

i also don't understand MS. everyone knows that this is a stage where they'll be announcing Xbox X pre order news but they just keep talking about PC and how every game is coming over. i mean what the hell is going on there at Redmond?

DialgaMarine2037d ago

@Nix They'll only boast X numbers of it actually manages to sell a significant ammount, which even MS knows it won't. With Cuphead and Forza 7 being the only exclusives to note this holiday, X is basically banking on selling to people who want to play old games in higher resolution, i.e. people who already own a Xbone.

The X is not gonna sell well, and Xbone's overall sales woes will carry through the holidays.

subtenko2036d ago

It was phil sponsor that said that right?

Regardless im not listening to xbox anymore. Someone Im starting too look at nintendo over xbox now. never thought that would happen again

andrewsquall2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Crackdown 3 Multiplayer has just been confirmed to be NOT be there. I guess we have to wait longer for our "minds to be blown" eh guys?"

2 mins in and its already clear this "conference" will be easily topped by PlayStation's Experience conference in Dec. I guess there is always E3 in 10 months time Xbox fans.

Also just confirmed but Phil Spencer will not be attending (because, you know, the confirmed date of his daughter's grad just snuck up out of nowhere the last day or 2 and wouldn't have been planned for today months ahead of time). Must be down to the Crackdown 3 delay disaster from earlier in the week.

Bobafret2037d ago

Then stop wasting your time trolling about it.

andrewsquall2037d ago

Oh you're right, I'm done lol. I even gave you an agree and explained why I did which is more that can be said than 10 disagrees with NOTHING to say.

nix2037d ago

spencer is a true family man. he won't cancel out on his daughter's graduation day but he'll cancel the games on millions of gamers. hahaha... how do these people sleep at night? peacefully, i'm sure, while fanboys are left defending the entire night.

peppeaccardo2037d ago

@Andrewsquall ... the power of the cloud. They are just waiting for quantum computing to optimize the bricks for all of those falling buildings. /JK /S

aconnellan2037d ago

Why is it a big deal that Phil isn't there? He wasn't at last year's, and he announced last month that he wouldn't be at this one

DARK_WOLF2037d ago

Just something else for the antifans to bitch and wine about.

ShottyatLaw2037d ago

Here's a June article saying he won't attend.

Also, what is wrong with you?

Kiwi662037d ago

He said a few months ago that he won't be there so how does that turn into a few days , so why do you make things up

81BX2037d ago

This wasn't meant to be anything other than a xb1x info brief. E3 is the big show for MS. It did what it was supposed to do but nothing magical

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Stevonidas2037d ago

I'm not impressed by CGI trailers in 2017. Gameplay only or GTFO.

DarXyde2037d ago

We're definitely at the point where CGI is totally superfluous. I definitely agree; games looked very good running on One X in real time. Just show that, mention it's running on One X (rather than leaving us to assume all Xbox One hardware runs it that well), and you've got at the very least a very flashy showing.

2037d ago