Should Sega and Sonic Team Delay Sonic Forces after Sonic Mania Positivity?

ThisGenGaming questions whether or not Sega should delay Sonic Forces after Sonic Mania has been receiving critical acclaim this week, while Sonic Forces previews have been very mixed.

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SegaGamer477d ago

No. I have been waiting for this game for a while now, it shouldn't delayed if it's ready to go.

wonderfulmonkeyman477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

Sonic Mania has improved the morale of the fanbase and warmed gamers in general back up to Sonic having a good outing. Something that hasn't really happened since Colors.
I say now is the perfect moment to ride the wave of positive vibes from Mania's reception. People might be more welcoming of Forces, instead of overly-critical, this way.

andrewsquall477d ago

You can't trick people like that. Garbage is garbage no matter how good another game made by completely different people.

The 10th Rider477d ago

And yet many people, including you, are bashing modern Sonic games despite their being plenty of well-received games. Yeah, there's only been a handful that have really been "good" but there's been quite a few others that have gotten a 60-70, which is still decent and far from garbage.

wonderfulmonkeyman477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

I'd prefer to think of it as resetting the playing field to zero.
Even you have to admit that, due to the unfairly critical Sonic Cycle, which places even the good 3D Sonics under a "bad" label, and popular opinion from many of the Cycle supporters, there have been a LOT of people who instantly look at the announcement of a new Sonic game and think that it WILL be another bad entry in the series, merely due to precedent and the parroting of detractors that feel it can't be good ever again.

With a good 2D outing leading the way, and with Forces looking like it delivers on the important points that Mania has solidified, that overly-critical stance weakens, and allows those that would usually just automatically assume it will be bad to have a chance at approaching it with an open mind, rather than one that is shut from the get-go simply because it's a "modern Sonic game."

Also, to be blunt, Forces does not look like garbage, so saying "garbage is garbage" doesn't apply here.

andrewsquall477d ago

Hell no................... just cancel it all together. Is Classic Sonic still a Sonic that looks way too small for the levels just like in Sonic Generations???

Prince_TFK477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

I don't think Sonice Force will be as well-received as Sonic Mania. 3D Sonic games mostly aren't that good. Maybe they should have sticked with 2D and make the graphic more modern.

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