Life is Strange: Platinum Trophy Gating Issue is a Mistake, Being Rectified

Tobias Palm commented directly to assuage people of their fears that the platinum trophy for Life is Strange: Before the Storm would only be available to Deluxe Edition owners.

"Hi everyone!
Official Community Manager for Life is Strange and self-professed platinum hunter here. :)

This was a mistake on our side and it is not our intention to gate the Platinum trophy via the optional Bonus Episode in the deluxe sku. We've already started speaking to the first parties about rectifying this."

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Christopher2040d ago

Just to note: Confirmed this is the real person, not a fake.

rainslacker2040d ago

Kind of surprised this even passed compliance testing if they didn't intend to release the bonus episode as an actual episode.

Dark_Knightmare22040d ago

Little mistakes like this happen all the time in gaming

roadkillers2040d ago

It does happen quite a bit..

rainslacker2039d ago

Yeah, it's not the end of the world, and I wasn't complaining really, just surprised as the console makers tend to be on the ball about compliance stuff.

AfroGear2040d ago

If it was a mistake which it sounds like it was, then that makes me think that the bonus episode was originally going to be a part of the base game and they seperated it later so they had content for a deluxe edition.

Soulst0rmer2040d ago

Yeah what they should have done because it's clear that they're scamming people, is put the bonus episode into the regular game via an update and scratch the deluxe edition all together.

Relientk772040d ago

Good, glad they're gonna fix this

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The story is too old to be commented.