Kotaku: Yggdra Union - We'll Never Fight Alone Review: A Battle Hard Won

Kotaku writes: "Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone, originally released in 2006 for the GameBoy Advance, is a tactical strategy RPG that features some rather unique battle mechanics. Instead of multiple units battling multiple enemies, only one unit at a time can fight, relying on battlefield position-dependent Unions to bring allies into the fight. Adding to the complex system are cards that represent your movement and power, adding special abilities to the fight and leveling as you use them.

Much like it's predecessor, Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra has now made the leap from GBA to PSP, bringing with it a tweaked difficulty level, enhanced graphics, and a few other changes that players of the original game are sure to catch as they play. Were the changes enough to make a good game even better, or were they better off leaving well enough alone?"

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