GamesRadar: Games vs Movies: 20 cutscenes compared

If you've played a movie-based game in your lifetime, GamesRadar is sorry. They're sure you know that most games strive to stick as close to the film as possible. Even when taking "creative license" with the source material - in cases like Superman Returns, Hulk or any other boring action film - you're bound to see some semblance of the movie's story acted out in glorious 3D.

But back before 3D cutscenes were the new hotness, classic games from the 8- and 16-bit era had only so much technology. These games couldn't replicate full cutscenes from the movies. What they did instead was focus on a few iconic incidents from the films they replicated. These games gave us screenshots complete with text to guide the plot and - BAM - GamesRadar thought they were playing the movie!

Here they present to you 20 movie-to-game comparisons for your viewing pleasure. Note: they added some newer games in there for fun.

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