Best Buy Canada Xbox 360 Door Crasher

For a limited time get the Xbox 360 Pro 20 GB package for 199$. This is the same price they are selling the Arcade Console for.

Limited time - October 3 to 10 only! So good maybe pick up two so you have a friend to play with.

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paulhunter3792d ago

Best Buy Canada always has amazing door crasher deals. I wonder how quickly their Xbox 360 20GB stock will deplete.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3792d ago

I agree.Thats a good price for a heater that makes flops

watchman3792d ago

Microsoft is going crazy, but they can afford it they are making money with the 360

paulhunter3792d ago

There has been a number of Xbox deals circulating the stores lately. I can't believe how cheap the system is now.