Sony Online: 'DC Universe' To Be Female-Friendly, 'EverQuest' Returning, Console MMOs On The Rise, More

MTV Multiplayer's Tracey John writes:

"I recently met with Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley, who told me that the company is thinking about making MMOs for the PSP.

Appearing at the New York Games conference last week, he also talked about the future of MMOs in his keynote speech.

Afterwards, we spoke about his take on console MMOs, the "Halo" MMO, and what other kinds of things we can expect from SOE moving forward ("EverQuest" anyone?)."

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Farsendor13790d ago

i love mmo and i hope more mmo comes to consoles

Raoh3790d ago

very good read.

so they say that every MMO down the line will have the console in mind. obviously for a pc and console release. that's good news. Except that M.A.G. (which is sounding like it's sony's version of HUXLEY, which was the main reason i bought a 360 but now that i dont have a 360 M.A.G. will be my new FPS MMO i will drool over)

what's even better news is that based on the every game SOE puts out will have a console version, followed with that there will be another everquest.

Everquest III on PS3.. you heard it here first ladies and gentlemen

peedie163790d ago

Thats cool I always wanted to get into the whole everquest scene