Atom, Athlon, or Nano? Energy-Savers Compared : Which Is The Best Low-Power Platform?

Tom's Hardware: "Once AMD and Intel realized that pure clock speed isn't the only way to improve performance, they started focusing on multi-core processors. They've been refining this concept by improving efficiency. The level of per-watt performance is what matters the most today, which is one of the main reasons for Intel's success with its Core 2 processor family. But there are more than enough applications that do not require a lot of performance, and this is where AMD, Intel and VIA aim their low-power platforms. We compared an Athlon 64 2000+, Atom 230, Nano L2100 with the goal of figuring out which solutions serve up enough speed."

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Kakkoii3789d ago

Neither of those are.

The Nvidia Tegra chip is the most energy efficient. It's faster than the Atom, but a lot less power is used.