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FoxNews: De Blob Review

"De Blob," based on a free PC game developed by Dutch students, rides a classic good-versus-evil theme. The empiresque I.N.K.T. Corporation has sucked all the color out of the formerly spectral Chroma City, leaving its residents in a monochrome funk.

As de Blob, your mission is to soak up paint and roll, bounce and flip around the city to free its buildings, streets and enslaved brethren from a black-and-white eternity.

You control your gelatinous character's movement using the nunchuk's control stick while swatting the Wii remote to attack Inky soldiers, open gates and load up on confiscated color from Paintbots.

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chanmasta3824d ago

... this game from if you're gonna get it. It's only £18!

I really like this game, everything about it is amazing! Can't wait to test out the multi-player with friends, all-nighter baby lol! The music for this game is awesome too, the way it evolves by painting is truly impressive! I wish more games would do stuff like that!

I put this same message on a few of the other de Blob reviews so people can save money buying this game. I am no way associated with

Oooh that last sentence sounded really professional lol!