PlayStation One Classics I Would Like To See Remakes Of

PlayStation One titles have always been the heart of a true gamer. Fantastic titles, from Final Fantasy VII to Spyro the Dragon, and from Parasite Eve to Metal Gear Solid, they will always be considered as the backbone of every gamer today.

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no_more_heroes425d ago

Bust A Groove. heard me, I said Bust A Groove. If I'm ever gonna play any rhythm/dancing game again, it's gonna be that and that alone.

kakakaja425d ago

Bust A Groove was an awesome game. No doubt about that.

FallenAngel1984425d ago

Metal Gear Solid already got a remake.

kakakaja425d ago

the psone version? when?

FallenAngel1984425d ago

Why would it get a remake when it already had one? That's a bit excessive

kakakaja425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Final Fantasy X got remastered for the PS3 and PS Vita first, then later for the PS4. Lets also not forget that it released for the PC as well. Something like that would be nice.

FallenAngel1984425d ago

That's a remaster which is easy to port to multiple platforms.

What you're asking for is another remake which would require Konami to get another team to build MGS1 up from the ground up for a second time, which would require even more time & resources.

You can't use remaster and remake so transparently as they are not the same thing aside from being rereleases of titles.

kakakaja425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

I wouldn't even mind a remaster of it. Just need to go through childhood again for MGS1. And why not remaster the Gamecube version of the game for current-gen consoles?

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FallenAngel1984425d ago

Because it has Nintendo references in it that would make it only suited for a rerelease on another Nintendo console, and this isn't a franchise that'd do well on a Nintendo console.

Not to mention that the only reason Twin Snakes got made in the first place was cuz Kojima was friends with Miyamoto, and now that Kojima is gone you can say goodbye to a Twin Snakes remaster since Konami themselves wouldn't be interested in it like they aren't interested in a lot of their own other franchises. Konami didn't even bother to put any other Metal Gear games on Nintendo home consoles after that, which makes a Twin Snakes remaster even more unlikely.

GrimReaperGamer425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver, MediEvil 1 & 2, Spyro The Dragon Trilogy.

EastOfTheAnduin424d ago

I clicked on here just to say Legacy of Kain and you beat me to it.

AnubisG425d ago

I'd love to see MGS1 remastered like Crash Bandicoot was. Also like to see the original Tomb Raider trilogy remastered as well.

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