TTH: Ultimate Guide to Warhammer Online

Ten Ton Hammer: "Warhammer Online is a new MMOG introduced by Mythic Entertainment that offers a new and innovative game play feature that no other online game has yet to offer:

It's trying to kill you.

Begin an Exciting Career Sifting Garbage
Well...maybe not you, but it is definitely trying to kill someone because playing the game itself is like having a needle full of adrenaline smashed into your chest and stabbed directly into your heart. And that can't be good for everyone that plays, no matter how awesome it sounds.

But Warhammer Online doesn't care.

If it kills you, then you weren't fit enough to play the game anyway and would have probably annoyed the piss out of other players by bumbling around in the newbie zones and asking questions and trying to "learn" things. The last thing other players want to do is talk to you and help you and explain things so that you don't stagger around blindly.

You're there to either kill or be killed and if you're thumbing through the n00b-manual as I'm baring down on you with a +12 Axe of PWNAGE, then you're the weakest link on the food chain and it's my job to sever you.

And then teabag your corpse and post pictures of it on the forums."

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