As I Mature, Actual Sunlight's Ending Changes Meaning

PSLS: "My biggest shift, though, was with the ending. It’s rather open-ended actually. It finds Evan at the end of his mental rope, standing on the roof of his apartment complex before it cut to credits. When I played Actual Sunlight originally, I was almost sure he jumped off the roof. Finally ending his misery of living a life without hope. Now, though, I feel different. I’m not so sure if he went through with the jump. There’s an almost wistful look on his face in that final graphic. Is it a final moment of peace before jumping, or a change of heart that makes Evan go and finally seek help? I’m too cynical to think it’s 100% the latter, but maybe, just maybe, that hard road was taken for a better life, instead of a meaningless death."

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