Bayou Billy devastated Louisiana

Dateline, Louisiana circa 1988. A utopian society at the pinnacle of its intellectual, social, religious, and political height. Man's greatest inventions were discovered, racism ceased to exist, there were no poor, and no homeless. The world's greatest scientists conducted the greatest research ever done. Pollution problems were solved, the air was clean, and cities and nature were intricately and seamlessly integrated into one of the largest shared environments the world had ever seen. Louisiana before 1989 was perfect in every way. They had the hover car which was fueled by garbage and produced flowers as a bi-product. Sadness and depression no longer exsited and everyone was happy and healthy. This, however, was not to last. As we've reported in our first two reports, video games are responsible for violence, and the mark that video games left on this perfect society has set man back hundreds of years.

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OldWizard3788d ago

konami owes the world a huge debt.

OldWizard3788d ago

so that's what happened to louisiana!

Volvobug3788d ago

The visual pictures inserted in the article describe the before and after beautifully.