Motorstorm Pacific Rift track details and screenshots

Sony has revealed the full track list for MotorStorm Pacific Rift. The 16 levels are split between four zones, each based on an element. In the Air Zone you'll find lots of jumps, cliffs and downhill sections while the Earth Zone is a little more down to earth (get it?), with plenty of plants and undergrowth which can get in your way, hide obstacles and, apparently, fight back. In the Fire Zone you'll be faced with lava pits, volcanoes and rocky wastelands and, finally, in the Water Zone you'll find the island's coast, huge waterfalls and rivers. For a description of each of the 16 tracks, check the link for more deatails on the press release.

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C_SoL3790d ago

in a candy store just looking at these pics.

zimbo0073790d ago

I think Motorstorm 2 will shatter sales records in europe. i expect at least 1m copies sold at launch

bomber boyz763790d ago

motorstorm2 is going to be so cool dude i can't wait

blusoops3790d ago

I sure hope all of those are in game!! Those screenshots are simply stunning!!! Day one for me!...after LBP of course!!

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