Gamernode: Rock Band 2 Review

Gamernode writes: "People are often hesitant with sequels, especially when there aren't too many changes on paper. Dubbed Madden Syndrome, the process of merely updating a list (roster, songs, whatever) in a game is generally frowned upon-but for some reason the burgeoning American music genre doesn't have that stigma. Guitar Hero 2, 3, and eventually 4 are all popular games despite the fact that they are-for the most part-full price expansions with songs.

Rock Band 2 is much the same. While it features a few improvements I'll touch upon in a bit, for the most part the game is purely a vehicle for the 80 new songs to come in. When you consider that 80 songs via DLC will cost you somewhere between 150-200 bucks, paying 60 for the disc sounds like a great deal."

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