Interview: Reggie Talks New DSi and Wii Demand

In this exclusive GameDaily sits down with Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime, who tells them that Nintendo is putting 50% more Wiis on the market this holiday. He also sees the DSi as coexisting with the DS, not replacing it.

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hitthegspot3790d ago

I still can't find one of these sitting on the shelf in MA or NH USA. I have a launch box, but my neighbors are still waiting to see one in a store before they get one. It's ridiculous.

eagle213790d ago

Wii and Dii-S will make those casual gaming mama's hot for

ChickeyCantor3790d ago

it seems its already doing that.
I wonder what happened to "touching is good" as their slogan though XD

DarkBlood3790d ago

yeah theres one wii sitting under the glass shelves under the top where the wii games are at zellers near me

gumgum993789d ago

"I see the DSi and DS relationship being more like the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP."

that's pretty much sums it up. I'm not surprised from this response since this is how I precieved it myself.